About us

Law and Internet Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2001. It is a centre for knowledge in the field of legal problems related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Bulgaria. The Foundation works for development of the legislation of public relations in the digital environment and for the introduction of new technologies in the judiciary and the legal professions, and in the work of the public sector. Within its goals is the support of the state, professional organizations and non-governmental sector through the realization of dozens of projects. A great number of other Law and Internet Foundation projects are oriented towards the universities and academic institutions for developing of legal disciplines in the ICT sector.

The experts of Law and Internet Foundation have participated in the legislation process of the current ICT regulations and in implementation of the European legislation in Bulgaria – the Electronic Commerce Act, the Electronic Governance Act, the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, the Electronic Communications Act, the Commercial Register Act, the cybercrimes section of the Criminal Code and many other acts of primary and secondary legislation and instructions in the field of ICT.

Because of their specific knowledge, Foundation representatives have been frequently invited to support the elaboration of key policies and strategies of national importance such as: the Strategy for e-Government, the Strategy for e-Healthcare in Bulgaria, the Policies and Standards for provision of administrative services, the Strategy for Bulgaria's Competitiveness on the International ICT Markets, etc.

Law and Internet Foundation carries out researches in the area of e-document and e-signature, e-government, e-health, e-justice, electronic payment instruments, personal data protection and privacy, the governance of e-identity. The experts of the Foundation are independent national correspondents in several monitoring projects on the European Commission for the degree of implementation of EU legislation in Bulgaria.

The Foundation team is assisted by leading Bulgarian specialists, working in the field of ICT - magistrates, professors in prestigious Bulgarian and foreign universities, policemen, attorneys, legal jurists, state officers, etc. The organization works hard for delivering the experts’ knowledge to the society through a great number of trainings of representatives of the Judiciary, state administration and the public.

The Foundation experts are authors of more than 500 books, articles, analyses and research studies in ICT Law in Bulgaria and abroad. They are editors of prestigious international publications in this area.

The Foundation team members bring together their knowledge, skills and creativity to accomplish one common idea – to be most useful to society through their projects, analyses, and organized events. The experience gained over the years shows that the most important precondition for success is the permanent strive to achieve and maintain the highest possible professional standards and providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Currently Law and Internet Foundation has an experienced administrative team and counts on the competence and expertise of more than 30 leading ICT Law specialists. In addition, the Organization has a rich database of Bulgarian and international high-level consultants who can be relied on for the realization of its projects.


Law and Internet Foundation does not provide free legal services or other form of legal aid and assistance. The information on the swebite should not be regarded as legal advice and taking action based on this information is on risk and responsibility of the users.